Long & Short Term Hire

We own and operate a large fleet of self drive loading shovels and equipment, for short and long term hire. We are able to service all industrial rehandling applications, waste & recycling, aggregate extraction and many more.

We also carry a large fleet of specialised attachments which enable us to equip our machines to your specific requirements depending on needs, in addition to specific tyre performance plus weight and safety equipment.

Specialist equipment can be offered ranging from light material or high tip and clamp buckets, long boom loader arms, safety and weighing technology; excavators with long re-handling booms and grabs, bulk buckets and forks; extended chassis and hook lift equipment fitted to dump trucks.

We are able to offer short term hire markets with spot hire ranging from 1 day to 6 months. Short term hire is often required for your seasonal variations in demand and production; or the inevitable breakdown of your own equipment.

We have our own transport fleet to enable us to respond quickly to these situations and from a reported breakdown or requirement on a particular day, it is our aim to have you operational on the same day or to be on site at the start of the following day – a service we are very proud of.

For hire periods of 12 months and longer, we can offer you the advantages of fixed cost contract hire.

These agreements allow you and your business to budget accurately for your equipment requirements, without taking on the risk of residual values on machines and unforeseen component failure, which can be very expensive and would necessitate the hire of spare replacement machine. On contract hire all risks of ownership costs are ours.

We can also offer our customers fully warranted component rebuilds, at our extensive workshop facility while supplying a machine for you to carry on working on the core business. Whether it be for a minor service or total rebuild, we have the knowledge and ability.

Our business success is built on servicing the need of our customers and our commitment to the needs of site and operation is uppermost in our action.

We will supply any equipment for the period of time and requirement most suiting to your needs. We are constantly striving to improve our service to provide the best equipment available on the market today.

For all your needs, contact us to discuss the operation, loading requirements and type of equipment that would be best for your site.

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